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St. Petersburg is a major tourist center of Russia. The historic city center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage. Among the most important cultural and tourist sites highlights - Hermitage, Kunstkamera, the Mariinsky Theatre, the National Library of Russia, the Russian Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Nevsky Prospekt.
Also, the city is one of the most important research centers in the country. The city has more than 70 universities. Some of them have a long tradition and history. The most well-known:
- Saint-Petersburg State University;
- Saint Petersburg State University of Economics;
- Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University;
- Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology;
- St. Petersburg State Agrarian University.
However, in recent decades, appeared in the city a number of young universities with a developed material and technical base and the quality of scientific and teaching staff. On such universities and I would like to tell you today.
Apart in this series is the St. Petersburg campus of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics." The quality of entrants campus occupies the 4th place among the universities of the socio-economic profile in Russia and 2nd place among the universities of St. Petersburg. 79% of students pass the IELTS "good" or "excellent".

Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg today - more than 3,000 students, undergraduates and graduate students, more than 300 professors and nearly 100 researchers, a significant portion of whom have master's and doctoral (PhD) degree of the most well-known foreign universities. Tutors the HSE published in the leading Russian and international scientific journals, have diverse experience in consulting on the orders of Russian and international companies - today's business leaders, as well as public authorities and the Russian Government. Leading international universities - academic partners of the HSE - St. Petersburg.

In the St. Petersburg campus of HSE are 4 international research laboratory, headed by world-renowned scientists, 10 research centers and laboratories, as well as 8 scientific and educational groups in which teachers and students carry out joint research.

You can learn more about this institution can be directly from the staff of the institution for free to leave a request through our website.

I would also like to draw the attention of potential students and their parents at the St. Petersburg University of Technology Management and Economics - one of the largest institutions offering education in European Russia.

Over the years the university has gained recognition not only in the Russian scientific and educational space, but also abroad. University status is confirmed by the positive evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the university and the effectiveness of all its branches, the inclusion SPbUTUiE Russian Academy of Sciences in the list of institutions working under the scientific supervision of Russian Academy of Sciences, awarding the status of "academic university". The academic focus of the university marked by the European Academy of Sciences, the International Association of Universities, of which the SPbUTUiE and other foreign organizations.
In SPbUTUiE being prepared for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. Students and University students are trained in foreign universities.
Thanks to an efficient system of continuous education - pre-university, higher and additional professional training - in SPbUTUiE created the foundations of the university teaching, research and innovation complex. In accordance with the needs of modern society in the University uses advanced technology training and a variety of training programs.
You can learn more about this institution can be directly from the staff of the institution for free to leave a request through our website.