St. Petersburg State Agrarian University


St. Petersburg State Agrarian University is a modern educational institution with a long history and rich traditions in higher education.

The status of the University is confirmed by the license of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science. The presence of state accreditation allows the institution to issue diplomas of state design to graduates.

In accordance with the state license, the university conducts 16 undergraduate programs, 25 specialized programs, 9 master's programs and 6 additional educational programs. Scientific research is divided into the main areas of science (technical, economic and philosophical). The school has 14 scientific specialties and 27 post-graduate programs.

St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Petersburg Highway, 2

Faculties of the University:

• Faculty of Earth Sciences;

• Faculty of Biological Sciences;

• Faculty of equipment and construction technology;

• Faculty of Electrical and Thermal Power;

• Faculty of technospheric security and improve the environment;

• Faculty of Applied Geology, Mining, petrofeum of Engineering Surveying;

• Faculty of mechanical engineering and ground transportation technologies;

• Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries;

• Faculty of veterinary medicine and zootechny;

• Faculty of Economics and Management;

• Faculty of Legal Studies;

• Faculty of Political and Regional Science;

• Faculty of Service and Tourism;

• Faculty of Philosophy, Ethics and Regional Sciences;

Education at the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University:

In SPBSAU the following forms of training:

• Day time (Full-time);

• Evening time (Part-time);

For students who do not speak Russian, there are preparatory courses for admission to bachelor's programs.

Bachelor's programs:

• Biology

• Construction. Industrial and civil engineering (academic)

• Construction. Industrial and civil construction (applied)

• Technospheric Security

• Land management and cadastres. Land management

• Land management and cadastres. Land Registry

• Operation of transport-technological machines and complexes. Service of transport and transport-technological machines and equipment (agriculture)

• Agrochemistry and agropsychology. Agroecology

• Agronomy. Agronomy

• Agronomy. Plant protection

• Gardening. Fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture

• Agroengineering. Electrical equipment and electrotechnologies in the agroindustrial complex

• Agroengineering. Operation of transport-technological machines

• Agroengineering. Energy installations and energy supply systems for agricultural products. consumers

• Technology of production and processing of agricultural products

• Water Bioresources and Aquaculture. Management of aquatic bioresources and fish protection

• Zootechnics

• Economics

• Management. Management of organizations

• State and Municipal Administration

• Trading business. Marketing

• Jurisprudence. Corporate lawyer in agribusiness

• Service. Service

• Tourism

Master programs:

• Jurisprudence. Land law; natural resource law; environmental law; agrarian law

• Economics. Accounting. Analysis. Audit

• Economics. Agrarian economy

• Management. Management and marketing in the mechanism of development of branch and municipal formations

• State and municipal management. Municipal management

• Agrochemistry and agropsychology. Agroecological assessment of landscapes, regulation of soil fertility, productivity and quality of crops

• Agronomy. Integrated plant protection

• Agronomy. Technology of production and protection of crop production

• Gardening. Intensive fruit and vegetable growing and decorative gardening

• Agroengineering. Technical systems in agribusiness

• Agroengineering. Energy management and engineering

• Animal husbandry. Breeding, breeding, genetics and reproduction of farm animals

• Animal husbandry. Private zootechny, production of livestock products

• Land management and cadastres. Land management

• Heat power engineering and heat engineering. Energy supply of enterprises. Heat and mass transfer processes and installations

Postgraduate programs:

• Land management, cadastre and land monitoring

• Soil science

• Labor protection (by industry)

• General agriculture, plant growing

• Agrochemistry

• Grassland science and medicinal, essential oil-bearing crops

• Selection and seed farming of agricultural plants

• Plant protection

• Technologies and means of agricultural mechanization

• Electrotechnology and electrical equipment in agriculture

• Technologies and means of maintenance in agriculture

• Breeding, breeding and genetics of farm animals

• Feed production, feeding of farm animals and feed technology

• Private livestock breeding, livestock production technology

• Economics and management of the national economy (agro-industrial complex and agriculture)

• Economics and management of the national economy (Marketing in the agro-industrial complex)

• Accounting, statistics

• Theory and history of law and state, the history of teachings on law and the state

• Land law; natural resource law; environmental law; agrarian law

• Social philosophy

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