First Higher Education

First Higher Education


The first higher education in Russia is provided in the form of education according to the Bachelor’s degree programs, some technical courses, and in the form of Specialist’s program.

Bachelor’s degree is the first level of higher education. According to the educational programs, the term of education is 4 years. Upon completion of education at this level, graduates receive their Bachelor’s degree diplomas.

It is preceded by education at the preparatory department, which takes from 6 to 12 months. The students of the preparatory department study Russian language and other subjects included by the specific university into the entrance examinations list.

Foreign citizens have to pass their entrance examinations at the university in the form established by this university (as a rule, it is a test or a standard examination).

Specialist’s program is a traditional form of higher education in Russia. Education according to the Specialist’s program implies an acquiring of basic and narrow-specialized knowledge in the chosen profession. Intramural studies according to the Specialist’s program are five years. It is also preceded by education at the preparatory department.

Upon completion of the studying, graduating students acquire a graduate degree.